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Our Clients

The Bridge Between The Elderly And Top-Rated Home Care Agency

An estimated 8.5 million people in American need some form of assisted living. Home care services or private duty services are burgeoning fields that the team at Own a Home Care Agency want to help you tap into. Caring for the sick and elderly in their fragile state is a job that should never be underestimated.

Why is this business right for me?

Long-term care differs from traditional healthcare. It isn’t about curing an illness. Instead, it involves carrying out basic self-care tasks for someone who is unable to do these tasks autonomously.  Long-term care can either take the form of assisted living or home care services. Predictions are that approximately 27 million people will need long-term care by 2050. Additionally, there is a 70% chance that someone who is 65 years old or greater will need long-term care services for their remaining years.

The responsibility of caring for such individuals can often be overwhelming. Therefore, several families will need assistance finding the right assisted living and home care services for their loved ones. This is where you come in. Own a Home Care Agency will help you create your own assisted living placement and home care services business. Your job will be to find the right places and caregivers for those needing long-term care.

How competitive is this field?

There are quite a few people who have seen the benefit of tapping into this market.  Over the past decade assisted living referral services have become a multi-million unregulated industry.  However, dishonesty and greed have resulted in several of these businesses being placed under the microscope. We will guide you through the steps you need to take to avoid the mistakes that these companies made. Follow our advice and you’ll be a viable competitor in the industry.

How does Own a Home Care Agency help me create my business?

Research and effective marketing are crucial to the success of your business. We have created a reader-friendly booklet that will help you get your business up and running. It will help you save time and money by offering useful tips and guidelines for starting a successful Senior Care Business. You can download this free booklet by clicking here.

If you're eager to start a profitable business and are searching for the right opportunity, then you need to seriously consider starting your own home care agency.
​Our FREE guide is a comprehensive business manual to help you get started & operate your own successful and high quality home care business.
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What We Do

Home Care Business Online & Offline Marketing Strategy

Attracting new customers to your business can seem like a daunting task. Without proper planning and guidance, you could end up spending thousands of dollars on marketing campaigns that produce no results.

Own a Home Care Agency has a team of experienced homecare professionals who can help you market your business to the right people. Customers are what drive a business. Without them, the business will cease to exist. Let us help you create a thriving business through our comprehensive marketing program.

All of our clients receive personalized care from one of our representatives. Each marketing strategy is custom-tailored to meet the needs of your business. We can create a new plan for new homecare agencies or those who want to revamp their plans altogether. We can also tweak any existing plans a homecare agency may have.

Content marketing and digital marketing form an essential part of our marketing campaigns. We work with highly skilled digital and content marketing experts who craft ingenious plans to get your business on the online map. Additionally, we utilize traditional marketing strategies such as flyers, brochures and other forms of print advertising.

Creative Content Writing

Content marketing is the way of the future. Those who have mastered it have been able to get 7.8 times more website traffic than those who haven’t. Well-written and relevant content boosts customer engagement and helps a brand leave a lasting impression on a customer.

Our team of content marketing professionals will help you create consistent content that promotes engagement with your brand. Content helps get people to your website and convert to paying customers. The content we create specifically relates to:blogs
website content
social media
press releases
automated marketing campaigns
online resources

We’re flexible and able to meet any content needs you have (even those that weren’t listed).  Let us help you create a winning content marketing strategy.

WordPress Website Design, Maintenance & Support

WordPress is one of the most popular website creation platforms for small businesses. In fact, over 74 million websites depend on WordPress. Despite the number of websites, however, only 54% of small businesses in the US have websites.

Don’t be a part of the 46% of businesses that fail to tap into the immense potential of a WordPress website. Let us help you create a stunning website that will help you establish a firm online presence and attract new customers.

Branding & Collateral Design

Branding is everything. Your brand speaks to what your company stands for. IT is the personality of your business. Establishing a strong brand that your target audience can relate to is crucial. We help you establish a brand identity by guiding you through the process.

choosing the right name for your business
developing your business’ logo and slogan
creating a mission and vision statement.
creating corporate identity packages
creating competitive positioning strategy
creating all of the branded material you need such as folders

Our team of marketers will help you develop a strong brand identity for your homecare agency. Entrusting us with all of your branding and collateral design needs will ensure that your rand is well represented.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is an essential component of any successful digital marketing campaign. When done correctly, it helps strategically position your website in search engine results. This gives you a competitive advantage.

Our team continuously monitors your SEO to ensure correct optimization. We do:
SEO analysis
Keyword research
Market research
Competitor research
SEO optimization for website pages

Press Release

Attracting the right media attention to your business considerably helps your marketing strategy. Our PR experts will create well-written and engaging press releases for your news, events or announcements. Being able to capture the reader’s attention is often the deciding factor in the effectiveness of a press release.

We know how to expertly word each piece to aptly portray your message. Additionally, we incorporate SEO strategies in our pieces for online press releases.

The perfect solutions for helping you create a successful Home Care Agency.


The Perfect Solutions For Helping You Create A Successful Home Care Agency.

Own a Home Care Agency is committed to the success of each of our clients.  Kofi Annan once said, “Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress.”

We have done the research and created informative manuals and guides that provide all of the knowledge you need to create a successful home care business. Written in an easy to understand format, each guide offers practical tips for each aspect of setting up and operating a  successful home care agency. There is a guide here for everyone wishing to be a home care expert. Browse through our catalogue and select the guide that’s right for you.

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Features That MatterThe Reasons You’ll Love It


Own a Home Care Agency is committed to business development. Our aim is to provide all the support you need to take your home care business to the next level.


Your business can’t survive without customers. Our Marketing Gold division provides all of the marketing services you need to attract new clients.Marketing strategies help your business to attract, recruit and retain excellent caregivers. Expressing gratitude to your referrers, clients and caregivers is also important. So, we have the right customizable gifts to help them know how much you appreciate them.


We host a wide range of events for home care business owners. Our events include: summits, webinars, and roundtable discussions. Our aim is to use a variety of formats to show,you how to efficiently operate your business and be profitable.


The Own a Home Care Agency Success Shop has all the material you’ll need to effectively start your homecare business or operate an established agency. We’ve designed manuals, and marketing material for your home care business. We also provide you with relevant templates to help your business thrive.


Our coaching programs are designed with you in mind. They range from helping you start your home care agency to accelerating your business’ profits or adding new offerings.
Each program is designed to support your home care agency’s success.


Keeping abreast of what’s happening in the industry is important for keeping your business relevant. Our team is up-to-date with the latest industry news and trends.
We share our knowledge with you through regular newsletters and blog posts.

Business Establishment Coaching Program

Becoming an entrepreneur is both an exhilarating and overwhelming experience.

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Profit Acceleration Program

Research shows that 90% of startups fail. We want you to be a part of the 10% that succeed.

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VIP Services

Our VIP services are tailored to provide targeted results.

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Who Are We

“Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty, and persistence.”

 ~Colin Powell

True success doesn’t happen overnight. As Colin Powell aptly describes it, success requires a set of strong characteristics. The team at Own a Home Care Agency has first-hand experience with the work required to turn home care and assisted living services into success stories.

Our founder, Afi Lartey, has over 25 years of experience in the home care sector. She created the company to help budding entrepreneurs interested in creating a successful home care business. Her business consulting services, live events, programs and products are all designed with a singular purpose: to help other entrepreneurs to expand, evolve and enjoy both their businesses and their lives.

We are more than just coaches and advisors. We help each client with all aspects of the home care business.  Our team consists of branding, marketing, business, and website development experts who can make your business dream a reality. Our range of services includes:

  • The establishment of the business and efficient business operations
  • Branding and collateral design
  • Marketing and sales
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Press Releases
  • Website Copy

We promise each client a personalized experience and 100% satisfaction. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

Home Care Business Online & Offline Marketing Strategy 95%
WordPress Website Design, Maintenance & Support 89%
Branding & Collateral Design 97%
Creative Content Writing 90%
Search Engine Optimization 94%
Press Release 86%

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