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5 Best Apps and Software for Homecare Providers

Picture a world where home care focused less on paperwork and more on providing exceptional care to clients. Over the past decade, several gadgets and software have been created to facilitate seamless delivery of home care needs. Online home care agency software has been specifically created to meet the demands of home care businesses. Additionally, there are smartphone and tablet applications that can be used by home care providers.  This article features some of the best apps and software that you can use in your own home care business.


Touted as one of the best home care management tools on the market, Carcenta strives to streamline the workflow and finances of a homecare business. It is a cloud-based platform. (No, that doesn’t mean that it’s sitting on a cloud.)  Cloud-based platforms tap into the power of the internet to provide a shared IT infrastructure. Companies only pay the provider for what they need, upgrades are automatic and removing or adding features is simple.

Carcenta uses the latest technology to provide home care agencies with business organization tools and financial management technology. Every stakeholder in our business is connected using this software. You will also be able to automate your scheduling, compliance, billing and payroll. Carcenta focuses on making your life easier so that you can focus on making your clients truly happy.


FasterNotes operates in a way that enables home care agencies to meet CMS, ACHC, CHAP, and Joint Commission regulations. Each customer is assigned a Success Team that assists with the use of the software. The team is tasked with the responsibility of regulation research, knowledge of best practices, and technical support. The software has the following features:

  • electronic billing
  • eligibility
  • payroll
  • authorization management
  • scheduling
  • HR tools



Accurate note-taking is a crucial component of home health. The software is internet based and works exclusively with the iPad to allow users to take notes on the go. The interface is easy to use and syncs perfectly with the in-app calendar.


Carelike functions as both a website and mobile application. It provides the perfect platform for home care providers to market their businesses. The website has an extensive database of health care professionals. Agencies are able to upload their information to the site, access exclusive tips and promotions, compare their profiles to other companies that offer similar services, and generate authentic leads.


Simplification is the magic word. HomeTrak provides tools specifically tailored towards non-medical home care agencies. It allows you to:

  • improve scheduling
  • communicate efficiently with clients
  • manage all of your client’s details
  • create a home care plan


Efficiency is crucial. These apps and software providers help you streamline all aspects of your home care business. There are many others out there. However, you can choose from this hand-picked selection based on your businesses unique needs. Take the plunge. Your business will benefit.


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